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photoDr. Wayne Williams is a prolific writer, having more than 200 scientific publications, including several books on horticulture and the effects of pollution on ecosystems. He has also published many short stories and poems. Williams worked and lived in 16 developing countries, helping preserve and create new parks in Latin America, and trying to stop wars and poverty through positive international development. His efforts in Guatemala, eastern Europe and central Asia to improve agriculture for small farmers resulted in improved yields and better incomes for many in Central America and the ex-Soviet empire. Williams resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Irina.

Bio Sketch

International educator, environmental and agricultural scientist, Dr. Williams was the Recycling and Solid Waste Coordinator for the County of San Diego, California for nearly nine years. He served for fifteen years as environmental and agricultural advisor to the United States Agency for International Development with numerous assignments in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and central Asia, especially Guatemala, Mexico and the ex Soviet Union. Dr. Williams taught many courses and developed curricula in eight universities at home and abroad. He has over two hundred publications in the scientific and government presses, plus two books of fiction, many short stories and poetry. As a political activist, he was deeply involved in anti-Viet Nam War protests, helped expand and establish numerous national parks and preserves, and opposed nuclear power plant development.  He served on many conservation Boards of Directors, commissions and committees for environmental protection. Expert witness, advisor to Presidents and Ambassadors, author of numerous environmental laws and policies, Wayne’s offering “Kissing the Hand of the Dead” creates a very readable and exciting new environmental ethic within the context of unfettered emotion, mystery, humor and philosophy.


Previous publications of Dr. Williams include:

Organismics Afire.  1989.  392 pp.  Self-published Black Apple Institute

Sonoma Mountain Blues.  1996. 77 pp.  Self-published Black Apple Institute

Numerous scientific articles, reports, book chapters on ecology, botany, plant pathology and recycling, extension bulletins in English, Spanish and Russian.

Numerous poems, Hai Ku’s, short stories and essays in small magazines and various outlets.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Amazing read. Caught me up on you, your life, your philosophies since you were our friend and neighbor in Estherville, IA. I’m almost through it.

  2. Hi deEtt !

    Thanks for reading the book. It has a lot of different stuff in it, but there is an overall message to it. There is only one story about Iowa in it, except as casual mentioning, but Iowa really had a very positive effect on me education wise.

  3. Mr Williams is a true tropper for all good things about environmental issues, we need more people like him.

  4. I’ve started the book and will stick with you to the end. Even if I barely recognize your photos, your text tells me I’ve got the right Wayne Williams. I tried to call a no. I thought might be you in San Diego about a year and a half ago, but suspect I got the wrong Wayne, or else my message got garbled. You’ve had quite a life since we last met, quite a life!

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