Wayne T. Williams shares inspiring outlook on life

Short stories, essays and poetry collected in new book, ‘Kissing the Hand of the Dead’

SAN DIEGO – Inspired to create a new environmental ethic and offer a holistic view of human emotions and needs, Wayne T. Williams has penned his new book, “Kissing the Hand of the Dead” (published by AuthorHouse).

“Kissing the Hand of the Dead” is a collection of short stories, essays and poetry based on Williams’ life written on a number of topics ranging from Nature, the human condition and world travel, to California, Latin America and the ex-Soviet countries of Ukraine and Tajikistan.

Williams’ works demonstrate the commonalities among people in foreign places regarding cultural foundations, humor, pathos and the endless search for peace and universal truth.

“It is a new dramatic approach of appreciation for our human condition and finding our place in the world,” Williams states. “This is a call to action to improve ourselves and the world through an appreciation of Nature and the will toward action in solving our most basic problems and challenges in life without fear of stepping forward.”

One thought on “Wayne T. Williams shares inspiring outlook on life

  1. I know Wayne and all good he´s been doing, I got the book and will read it soon, I´m thrilled to do that, more to come…….!

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